My COVID-19 Workout

COVID-19 won’t make me stay in bed, neither get too comfortable and lazy, but it will make me WORK OUT with more determination, as it is means I am HEALTHY and still able to breathe through a blast of a workout!

Every day we hear the term Corona Virus for I don’t know how many times, it’s stuck in our head and it’s all we think about these days. Thus, I said “OK, let me get something out of the term CORONA VIRUS … can I come up with a workout?” I grabbed my workout diary, in which I take note of any workouts I like, or any ideas I get, and started scribbling down all the exercises I could think of. I decided to find at least one exercise possible to do at home for every letter of the term Corona Virus. Here it goes:

C – Crab Walk
O – O
verhead Lunges
R – R
enegade Rows/ Reverse Crunches
O – O
ver the box Burpees/ Overhead Tricep Extensions
N – N
arrow Squats
A – A
lternating Rear Lunges (with Bicep Curls)

V – V-sits
I – Inchworm to Push-ups
R – Russian Twists
U – Upright Rows
S – Scissor Raises/ Shoulder Taps/ Shoulder Presses/ Sumo Squats

30 secs of Fast Feet between rounds.

Follow the below video for knowledge of the workout, as I explain and demonstrate the exercises. Ideally, you do 12 repetitions of each exercise for 3 – 4 rounds.

Can you hear the birds chirping in the background? 🙂

So Basically, all you need is a mat and a towel and a set of dumbbells BUT do not worry if you do not have dumbbells at home, as you can use two large 2ltr bottles of water that are equivalent to 2.5kgs each as an alternative. You can use something a bit heavier for the overhead lunges; if you do not have a heavy dumbbell, you can just lift up a small stool or a packet of water (but this may be difficult to hold, especially as your hands get sweaty). Otherwise you can just hold both hands up in the air as you do the lunge walk; believe me, it does the job anyway! I then used a stool to jump over for the Burpees, but you can just put a towel in the middle and jump the distance of the towel between one burpee and the other. Obviously, you can adapt this workout for your fitness level, increasing weight or eliminating weight altogether. You can also easily dismiss the Bicep Curls with the Rear Lunges (letter ‘A’) and the Push-Ups with the Inchworm (Letter ‘I’) to facilitate the exercise.

I would be happy to hear some of you tried this workout, and would more importantly love to hear your feedback about it 🙂

Enjoy & Stay Safe!

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  1. Silvana says:

    Great idea. You always were a fan of working out and coming up with new ideas. Well done qalbi xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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