Corona 2020

Hello quarantined world,

What happened to us? We are engulfed in this unfortunate and unpredictable situation. We are all in the same boat, stuck at home keeping physical distance, and pausing contacts with the ones we love to protect each other from a pandemic that struck us hard, like no one could have ever imagined. Isn’t it true and ironic how humans themselves are the detriment to humanity? Astonishing, really!

There are two ways of reading the current situation:

Our life is halted for a while. Our routine is disrupted, and we must adapt to a life at home in the absence of friends, colleagues, and any other acquaintances. We despair trying to figure out how to pass time, how to work out at home, how to keep sane. Some of us usually find comfort in hobbies that can only be done outside and in groups. Some have been preparing for something important to them, a goal, that gave them strength and hope. Everyone had some form of escape that instilled back happiness and tranquility, which most probably involved the outside or a premise that is now locked down. All this was suddenly taken away from us all.  So, we can either let all this get to us, put us down, kill our enthusiasm, and make us lazy


We make use of the time that we so much surely craved we had some months ago when we were working from an office, stuck in traffic every morning, and tired every night because of a day at full blast. I am sure so many of you thought “I can do with a week off, with more time on my hands… a day isn’t enough for all the things I have to do… and I waste so much time in traffic every day!” Now, as unfortunate as is the case, you have more time you can use to your advantage and do the things you always thought of doing but never had the time to do. The time you usually dedicate to friends, you can now dedicate to yourself without feeling guilty about it.

I have to say that during this time at home, I can’t help but reflect a lot. This shed light on so many things I missed, so maybe it isn’t so negative after all on a personal level? On an international level, it is surely heart-breaking to see the world fall apart and listen to the numbers going up of those infected, and those dead; this is undeniable! But on the other hand, those who aren’t infected (at least yet) and have the opportunity to stay safe at the comfort of their home, can focus on inner peace, explore new skills and hobbies, and use time in the best way possible.

This is what I discovered myself:

  1. I missed my family. I wasn’t being present at all lately. I was always on the run from one thing to the next. Now, without any options, I am here with the people who love me the most in the world, with their good and their bad. I am here communicating with them more, laughing with them more, coming up with creative things to do together. I am learning new aspects and new sides of their personality simply because I am more PRESENT.
  2. Who are those friends who truly care about me, and my well-being, checking on me every now and again.
  3. I missed reading books without interruptions, or as quickly as in 3 days.
  4. I love cooking and baking and trying out new recipes. More importantly, I love cooking for people and sharing new healthy dishes/sweet bites I discover on my journey through Insta and Facebook scrolling.
  5. I can make new friends by simply posting stories on my page, as more people get to react and comment during their quarantine.
  6. How pretty my country is when bare from cars, traffic, and people. Of course, people give it life and energy, but seeing the country empty made me focus more on its natural beauty.
  7. I am more creative than I thought …
  8. I can still work out without machines, weights and the gym, and it can still be made fun. I get to use different household materials and come up with my own fitness plans and challenges.
  9. I can learn a language! I can use the net and try and learn some new language I always wished I knew but always postponed because of time, plans, full weekends, etc being too busy working, going to the gym, and meeting friends. Now I can reshuffle priorities.
  10. My face is cleaner! No makeup to stay home and so my skin is fresher. I have also more time for self-pampering, for a facial mask while I read some emails, for a warm bath with salt crystals, a bit longer than usual.

Find a little bit of positive in every negative situation, especially if the situation is beyond your control and cannot do much to change it. It’s a global effort. Let’s hope together.

My leg workout; squats with water bottles

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