A peek @ December, 19

Another ending for a fresh beginning! December seems to be the magical month for most; with tons of bright lights, festive food and ongoing celebrations, most people are serene. It’s an excuse to have an extra drink with friends or throw a big home party. I agree that the atmosphere instills a jolly feeling, but December is also a reflective month for me. I tend to sit down and have a quick glimpse at my year, thinking about the things that changed and why, thinking about my actions and reactions and what I could have done better, thinking about what I want to do next to have a more fruitful year. So While I enjoy the beautiful streets and Christmas carols as I walk through Valletta doing Christmas shopping, my December month is also tainted with these personal moments of reflection. So cheers to a summary of my December …

ONE HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: signing the contract with ETM (European Top Model Agency) which was unexpected. I am not into catwalk and fashion shows really, but I love photo modelling; portraits, stylish outfits, creative poses that result in artistic photos. So for next year, I am part of this big family, looking forward to make some new friends, work with different photographers, and have some awesome pictures to show you.

ONE FAVOURITE MOMENT: The warm nights in front of our fireplace at home with my family. In winter, I wish I could hibernate for a while. I prefer staying in, especially in the evenings, and I just love being huddled together with my family or friends in front of our beautiful fireplace. The scene itself with the cracking sound of the logs and bright yellow fire, is soothing and relaxing. I am actually writing this post in front of the blazing fireplace!

ONE FAVOURITE PURCHASE: I bought a lot of things this month, from clothes to cosmetics and books and gadgets. It is very difficult choosing just one favourite thing; but I think that the most valuable purchase has been the Canon G7x camera – the most expensive also I must add!

TRAVEL: Usually I travel in December to have the Christmas experience abroad; I am always thinking, ‘ yeah, maybe I get some snow!’ But this year I skipped, since I also traveled to Milan towards the end of November.

MOST HEARD PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY: It has to be James Blunt! I remember purchasing his album ‘Back to Bedlam’ when I was about 15 years old. And suddenly he came to mind so I ended up listening to James Blunt on Spotify almost every morning.

PERSONAL GOAL FOR NEXT MONTH: To be more organized in my things i.e. start doing things I know I need to sort out! so next month I will do my best to start crossing off things from my never-ending list; like fixing the car, organizing my room and throwing away stuff I no longer use, updating my CV, getting back on track with diet and training etc.

ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED: It is best to stay silent, when you are not sure of what to say or do next. Sometimes we are impulsive! We are angry and we want to say so many things which we may regret when we’re calm, so although it is much easier to react, I have learned that control over your reaction and staying silent until you are logical is key to save friendships and relationships.

Here is my December in pictures:

This is a little funny, a little dumb, and a little cute – as we experiment with the Canon G7X showing off my Christmas present from her! (I am sorry that the audio is in Maltese)

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